Development Lab

Development Lab

Our Applications Lab is our first step to providing you with a custom laser system that meets your manufacturing or research needs. We can determine most solutions through a free sample evaluation, but if your requirements are complex and require long-term research, we’ll offer you a contract.

We invite you to visit our Applications Lab, meet our engineers and see the most complete laser laboratory in the industry. Our facility even includes a research area where you can use our extensive in-house resources.



  • 钒酸盐激光器— 355 and 532 nm, up to 20 W
  • 低功耗纤维激光器— 1064 nm, up to 50 W; variable pulse widths (4 to 200 ns) and beam modes
  • High-power fiber lasers— 1,070 nm, with 3 kW peak pulse power, 0.1 to 10 ms pulse widths and programmable pulse energy curve
  • 二氧化碳激光器— 10.6 μm, from 5 to 250 W; RF-excited and slab varieties.

Unique Lasers

  • 飞秒激光器— 515 and 1030 nm, with 400 fs pulse width
  • 纤维激光器— 1,940 nm up to 120 W
  • 二氧化碳激光器— 9.4 μm up to 400 W

Lasers Available with Advanced Notice

  • 固态激光器- 具有备用波长(213,266,375,405和1,064nm),功率(Milliwatts到几十瓦)和激光介质(ND:YAG)
  • 纤维激光器— higher-power MOPA and CW
  • CO lasers— 5.5 μm

We maintain long-term, excellent relationships with the world’s top laser manufacturers, which gives us access to new technologies often before they become publicly available. As a result, we can utilize lasers that aren’t part of our standard inventory.


For each wavelength, we maintain an extensive collection of optics and accessories, including scan and fixed heads, telecentric, F-Theta and simple lenses, beam expanders, collimators, beam splitters, mirrors—and more. Our lab even contains several high-power microscopes and imaging systems with process inspection and feature location capabilities.

This vast portfolio gives us greater flexibility when solving your production or research challenges.

In-house Resources

我们的应万博mantbex体育官网用实验室配备了操作在飞行中and large format applications. Our workstations incorporate rotaries, actuators, gantries, robots and motion tables. Various gases are also available, including argon, nitrogen, oxygen and exotic gases.

Along with our in-house mechanical engineering department, software department and machine shop, we create custom computer controls, unique fixtures and prototypes—creating the most complete solution for your production.

Typical Materials and Applications

  • Plastics- 标记(颜色变化,雕刻和压花),钻孔(打击乐和tr静),切割,焊接(传动,对接,搭接,清晰)和转换(退火,软化,固化和抛光)
  • Metals— marking (engraving, etching, polishing, oxidizing and coating removal), drilling (percussion, trepanning and blind hole), cutting and welding (butt, lap and spot)
  • Glass— marking (internal and surface), drilling and cutting (scribe-break, perforating, ablation, zero-kerf, ClearShape™, tip-off and tube closing)
  • Ceramics and composites- 标记,钻孔和切割
  • Printed circuit boards (PCB)— marking (solder mask and devices), cutting (depaneling and resistor trimming) and circuit etching
  • 药片片— marking (color change and engraving) and drilling (tops and sides)


We regularly develop new applications for industrial lasers, and our staff is committed to using them to solve your toughest manufacturing challenges—all while improving your speed and lowering costs.

Our laser systems incorporate the latest innovations in industrial laser manufacturing technologies available today. Thanks to our knowledge and extensive resources, our engineers can develop a laser system that meets—and exceeds—your performance and productivity goals.


For free sample development and analysis, contact our万博mantbex体育官网. We’ll match the best laser and optics configuration to meet your manufacturing requirements.