An integral part of manufacturing, vision systems are useful in many laser applications, including marking, drilling, etching and engraving. Over half of our custom laser systems incorporate some vision element—all with varying levels of complexity.

在最基本的层面上,Vision为激光过程提供了验证,指导和位置信息。当今的技术 - 加上我们的专业知识,使我们能够以更精致的方式整合愿景,以提高您的准确性,重复性和质量。

Pre-process: Identification and Guidance

Our vision systems identify and guide the laser’s function. The system retrieves a product’s data by scanning the attached travel documentation. Then, by quickly reading the barcode, it determines part identity, quantity, serial numbers and other process data. The vision system communicates this information to the laser’s control system so it can perform its function—all without manual intervention.


Post-process: Validation


  • 通过/失败验证 - 系统验证标记,孔或焊缝的存在。
  • Dimension—the system ensures the dimensions and positioning of the mark, hole or weld are accurate.
  • 可读性 - 系统验证激光标记的文本和机器可读代码的可读性和内容。
  • 合规性 - Vision系统验证了根据ECC 200和ISO/IEC TR 29158(AIM DPM)标准的激光标记为2D矩阵的合规性。

Vision Systems in High-speed Manufacturing Lines


For药品片钻孔machines, pre-processing vision ensures each tablet has the right orientation for drilling. If not, the automated system uses the vision system’s feedback to return the tablet to the previous step. After drilling, the vision system detects any faults while the tablet is on the conveyor line. If a tablet doesn’t meet the right specifications, it’s removed from the line.


Our Vision Capabilities

CMS Laser is a Cognex-Certified Vision Integrator. Our Vision Lab includes various Dataman and Insight cameras, as well as a full range of lenses and diode lights in different wavelengths. We combine this hardware with our extensive knowledge of Cognex software and vision algorithms to develop off-axis, robot and coaxial vision systems.

我们的工程师一直在将视觉系统开发和集成到激光机中已有二十多年了。我们利用此专业知识来设计适合您应用的完美激光系统 - 考虑以下内容:相机,lighting, 和optics

  • Off-axis direct view。当激光器执行其功能时,相机和激光向下指向。此设置适合输送机。
  • 离轴以一定的角度。当激光器向下指向时,相机坐在侧面并以一定角度坐在侧面,从而消除了激光和相机位置之间的运动需求。由于角度,软件使用透视校准纠正了扭曲的图像。
  • 轴上, orthrough the optics vision。We set up the camera system within the same lens as the laser. Though the field of view is small, this configuration is extremely fast and provides both high resolution and magnification.


We work with a variety of cameras and determine the best fit based on resolution, process speeds, available algorithms—and more. High-resolution cameras (greater than 1 megapixel) are ideal for processing finer details and tight tolerances within a larger field of view. Low-resolution cameras (less than 1 megapixel) require less processing time and computing power. They’re ideal when speed or cost take priority over accuracy.




We can set up our cameras in different ways depending on your application. Common configurations include: Off-axis direct view, off-axis at an angle, and on-axis, or through the optics vision configuration.

Vision System Options



Gantry Laser Systems- 由于需要将相机放置两次,因此离轴配置会减慢处理速度。一旦进行部分位置和验证,其次是将激光放置在处理区域上。在这种情况下,通过光学视觉更快。

Learn more about Off-Axis Vision >>



Learn more about Off-Axis Vision >>

Through the Optics




Though most configurations involve one camera and a two-dimensional space, we can add a third axis by using multiple cameras or a stereo vision system. This 3-D configuration informs the system of a part’s exact dimensions—increasing the accuracy of part sorting processes. After a part is lased, 3-D vision systems can also validate the depth of an etch, engraving or hole.



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Employing pre- and post-processing vision capabilities will enhance the accuracy of your manufacturing process—helping you avoid costly manufacturing errors and increasing product quality.

您是否想知道如何在激光应用程序中添加视觉系统?联系我们today to discuss your needs and specifications.