Research and Development

Research and Development

In response to growing joint-venture opportunities with current and future customers, we’ve expanded our R&D facilities and capabilities.

Our facilities now include the following lasers:

  • CO2—10,640 nm
  • Two-micron thulium fiber—2,000 nm
  • Ytterbium fiber—1,064 nm
  • Frequency-doubled Nd:YVO4—532 nm
  • Frequency-tripled Nd: YVO4—355 nm UV
  • Multi-wavelength femtosecond laser

We provide various support resources like beam-shaping and focusing optics, robots, programmable stages, vision systems and test equipment.

Our long-term, dedicated R&D facilities also include client-dedicated research laboratories, full-time CMS Laser employees and full-time client employees with unfettered access to our electrical, mechanical and software engineering support, complete machining center and fabrication capabilities.