Laser marking, drilling and cutting of ceramics

Laser technology is an ideal choice whether you’re looking to mark, cut or etch your ceramic parts. Compared to traditional processes, lasers focus energy into small areas, reducing strain on parts and creating small heat-affected zones.

At CMS Laser, we’ll design and build you a custom, industrial-quality laser machine that gets the job done—no matter your ceramics application.

Ceramic Marking

You can use lasers to add traceability codes, identification data and other designs to ceramic materials. Our laser marking systems leave permanent marks without using any coatings or additives.

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Ceramic Cutting

Our systems focus laser energy onto ceramic surfaces to cut parts with minimal kerf widths. Choose from full ablation or scribe-and-break laser cutting techniques.

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Ceramic Drilling

Our engineers will design and build you a custom ceramic drilling system that you can easily integrate into your manufacturing process. They offer high precision and reliability—lowering your overall cost of ownership.

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