Extrusion Line Laser Systems

Extrusion Line Laser Systems

for laser marking and cutting of extruded materials

System Overview

Laser Marking & Cutting Systems

When it comes to extrusion lines, laser machines must mark, cut or drill parts that are constantly moving. That’s why we developed on-the-fly technology with closed loop feedback to process parts as they travel past the laser field. These systems account for variations in line speed and can incorporate vision systems to validate part placement and process quality.

Systems are available for marking parts on-the-fly, such as plastic tubing, heat shrink tubing, aluminum extrusion, and more.

  • High-speed, on-the-fly marking of extruded material for plastics and aluminum extrusion
  • True closed-loop feedback on-the-fly laser marking and cutting processes
  • Laser source is based onapplications lab testingresults
  • Welded steel frame with aluminum paneling for long-lasting industrial use
  • CDRH Class I laser workstation with emergency stop push button and laser-safe viewing window
  • Ergonomic arm with monitor, keyboard, and mouse or touchscreen display
  • CMS LaserGraf5 software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system

Models Available

Large Diameter Tubing

on-the-fly marking system

Small Diameter Tubing

on-the-fly marking system

Plastic Tubing

on-the-fly cutting system

*Overall system design and size will vary based on customer requirements andapplications lab testingresults prior to purchase


Laser Marking of Extruded PVC Tubing for Gas Lines

Laser Marking and Cutting of Irrigation Drip Tape


Extrusion Line Laser Marking Systems for Irrigation Tubing


Extrusion Line Laser Marking System for Small Diameter Tubing


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