Frequently Asked Questions About CMS Laser

Although CMS Laser does produce “standard systems” with automation such as rotary tables, manual load systems and in-line PC board markers, CMS strives to deliver a system that meets a customer’s specific need based upon the application (laser/optical source) or automation. Many of the standard systems can use a variety of lasers from CO2, fiber, green, or UV wavelengths.

CMS is not a job shop. We provide many customers with R&D process capabilities that, depending upon the application, are often used to produce a number of parts for their in-house testing. CMS has several labs that have been used for extended R&D.

Although much of the cost of a laser system is tied to the laser source (CO2, fiber, pico, femto, green, ultraviolet), additional customer-required automation can greatly affect the cost. CMS aims to provide a system that will meet a specific customer need. Our pricing reflects the laser type and required automation.

CMS is proud to support our world-class Laser Application Lab with the widest variety of laser sources. Part of the application process is to determine what laser works the best for the customer solution. Through 37 years of experience we have made many laser and optical options available, including lens field sizes, upcollimater options and fixturing to perform the many types of applications that are sent to CMS.

Based on the wide variety of lasers and optics available in our lab, we are able to perform most applications, ranging from milliwatt UV and 400-watt CO2 lasers to 1-kilowatt fiber applications. CMS does not typically produce high-powered cutters.

CMS has a dedicated Field Service Department that provides 24-hour system support. Our Field Service Hotline is manned 24 hours per day for issues that may arise after normal working hours. Many of our systems are overseas, and support is provided from our Florida office location. The advantage of a CMS laser is its longevity. Many of our systems have been running for over 20 years.

CMS manufactures laser systems ranging from Class IV stand-alone laser processors to systems that include multiple robots or automation in order to meet specific customer needs.

The normal lead time at CMS is 12 to 14 weeks. Systems with extensive automation or special laser sources will require more lead time.

CMS is not “married” to a specific laser manufacturer. Almost four decades of experience have given us a good feel for what laser is going to work best in specific applications. We are often a Beta test site for new equipment from our manufacturers, so we see and integrate the latest and greatest laser sources.

CMS was started as a control systems manufacturer and moved into complete laser solution manufacturing due to customer demand. CMS has always developed its own software for use at the laser/galvo controller level and offers customized Windows solutions.

基于多年的经验和集成different lasers and automation, CMS has a large toolbox of options and capabilities. These include not only the variety of laser sources available, but also the types of automation that can be supplied, such as robotics, vision (part location/process verification), XYZR systems and on-the-fly processing.

Machine vision is a very useful tool for most applications. We use vision systems for pre-process part location, post-process verification of the application and systems that may require OCR/OCV of the mark. CMS has the capability to provide these vision techniques through the laser optics, using galvonometers to steer the laser to specific parts or areas on substrates such as PC boards. The integrated software solution allows for offsets determined by the vision systems to more accurately locate the laser onto parts if required.

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Our years of experience and wide-ranging capabilities give us freedom to choose lasers and automation components for the best solutions to manufacturing challenges. CMS is a major manufacturer of standard products as well as high-end laser solutions designed to meet specific customer needs.