Manufacturing has seen significant growth since the industrial laser revolution of the 1960s. Lasers offer flexibility, reliability, speed and precision—providing a solution for a wide range of production processes, from pharmaceuticals to space exploration.

As laser technology continues to evolve, we’ll continue to find new ways to integrate the best available lasers and components into our systems. Today, our reputation is well-established in over 30 countries, as well as in some of the world’s most successfulbusinesses.

Industrial Laser Systems from CMS Laser

To help you meet your manufacturing needs, our engineers have over 250 years of combined industrial laser experience and utilize over 15 different lasers in our cutting-edge万博mantbex体育官网.

Our laser capabilities and expertise are the reason our industrial laser systems are found throughout the manufacturing world—including the automotive, electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, PCB, electronics and aerospace industries.


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