Appliance Manufacturing

Appliance Manufacturing

Laser part marking, welding and cutting for the appliance industry

Thanks to its flexibility, precision, cleanliness and ease-of-automation, laser processing has become increasingly popular in the appliance industry. CMS Laser designs and manufactures industrial laser machines for the top companies in the appliance industry. We design machines to your unique application requirements, choosing the right laser and optic setup for your needs.

Laser Marking for Appliances

Direct part markingwith a laser can create permanent markings on appliance parts made of metal, glass, plastic or other materials. Graphics, logos, text, barcodes, and data matrices can all be laser marked as can user control information, manufacturer identification, safety warnings, quality control, product tracking, serialization and dates.

Oxidized laser markingof stainless steel and other metals is also popular in the appliance industry due to its smooth and clean finish. High contrast marks in a variety of colors can be made using this technique without etching into the appliance surface or creating a raised mark.

Lasers can additionally remove a coating or layer from a substrate to create the desired marking. Our appliance customers use this process to create backlit buttons or panels on plastic glass or metal.

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Laser Welding for the Appliance Industry

Appliance manufacturing often requires complex, challenging metal weldments. Laser welding offers precise weld paths, simple integration with robotics or production lines and strong and durable welds. An integrator experienced with complex fixturing is essential for a robust process and high productivity.

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Laser Cutting for the Appliance Industry

Cutting thin metals using a laser has many advantages over other cutting methods. Laser cutting has no mechanical contact, avoiding deformation in the product and eliminating the need to replace cutting dies, stamps, or blades. Laser cutting provides application flexibility—with changeovers to another cut pattern as simple as selecting a new cut program in the control software. Often laser cutting does not require post processing, so it can be used to cut appliance parts that are ready for assembly.

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Laser Drilling for the Appliance Industry

Lasers can be used to drill precise holes in many different types of material that are used in the appliance industry. Metal, plastic, ceramic, and glass appliance components can all be drilled with the right laser system. Our engineers can design a system to your individual application requirements—by tuning laser settings, choosing an appropriate optical setup, integrating assist gasses and fixturing parts in optimized configurations.

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Laser Etching Stainless Steel

Laser Marking Stainless Steel (Viking Range)

Laser Marking Stainless Steel (Wolf)

Laser Welding with Beam Delivery on Robot Head


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