Pharmaceutical Marking

Pharmaceutical Marking

Fast, flexible laser marking for pharmaceutical tablets

As pharmaceutical manufacturing continues to evolve, you need tools that are readily adaptable and easy to implement. Your tablet marking systems must be able to change information quickly—adjusting to multiple shapes and sizes without halting production.

Ink marking methods can smear, make contact with the tablet and require regular maintenance—adding extra steps to your manufacturing process. Add to this the growing industry need for overt and covert anti-counterfeiting marks—and the benefits of laser marking become clear.

Unlike traditional ink marking, pharmaceutical laser marking systems let you change marks quickly and easily. They make no contact with tablets and capsules and can adapt easily to different shapes and sizes.

Add Laser Marking to Your Tablet Drilling System

Now, you can drill and mark tablets at the same time—a game-changer for pharmaceutical manufacturing. At CMS Laser, we integrate our marking technology into our industry-leading tablet drillers—which means you don’t lose a second of production speed. Because you don’t need separate machines, this solution keeps your expenses and factory footprint to a minimum.


Get Started

Contact our万博mantbex体育官网to get started. Our engineers are happy to look at your sample tablets and will develop a custom laser marking application—free of charge.