Large Format Workstations

Large Format Workstations

for processing large parts

System Overview

Large Format Workstations

Our large format workstations are the ultimate solution for large parts that require multiple locations for processing. Our gantry laser marking systems utilize three axes of motion (XYZ) to cover a large work envelope. A motorized worktable can accommodate a wide range of part heights, giving you ultimate control.

Systems can be configured for other laser applications, such as cutting, drilling, and welding.

  • XYZ gantry laser marking system with a large work area
  • Custom multi-function fixtures for a wide range of parts
  • Replace the gantry laser with a robot for ultimate versatility
  • All laser sources available—based onapplications lab testingresults
  • Welded steel frame with aluminum paneling for long-lasting industrial use
  • Safety light curtains and touch sensor activation for additional operator safety
  • CDRH Class I laser workstation with emergency stop push button
  • Ergonomic arm with 19” monitor, keyboard, and mouse or touchscreen display
  • CMS LaserGraf5 software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system

Large Format System


Rotary Units

Rotate cylindrical and irregular shaped parts using a rotary unit

Barcode Readers

Pre and post process verification of data using barcode readers

Machine Vision

Enhance your process by incorporating machine vision for pinpoint accuracy

System Software Controls

Customize our proprietary software to fit your manufacturing needs

Custom Fixturing

Fixtures designed to accommodate your specific parts for processing

Fume Extraction

Vacuum debris and harmful fumes created during processing of parts

Models Available

XYZ Gantry System

large work envelope

Drawer Style Design


Tilting Table Design

for parts with angles

*Overall system design and size will vary based onapplications lab testingresults prior to purchase.


Large Format XYZ Gantry Laser Marking System for Appliances

Drawer Style Laser Marking System for Stainless Steel Parts

Custom Tilting Table Laser Marking System for Appliances


Large Format Gantry Laser Marking System for Appliances


Drawer Style Laser Marking System for Stainless Steel Panels


Large Format Gantry Laser Marking System with Tilting Table


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