Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of metals, plastics, ceramics and more

Laser cutting is used throughout many different industries from automotive to electronics manufacturing. Thanks to its unmatched precision, flexibility and superior cut quality, laser cutting is replacing conventional machining processes like plasma and oxy-fuel cutting.

Lasers can cut nearly any material—including glass, metals and plastic—and are ideal for both simple and complex parts. A non-contact method, laser cutting leaves no marks, reduces the risk of contamination and requires no extra finishing.

Methods include:

  • Thermal Laser Cutting. This method utilizes the light from the laser’s aperture. A lens focuses the beam onto the surface of the material to melt, burn or vaporize the localized area.
  • Gas-assisted Laser Cutting. This method uses gas-assisted laser cutters, which utilize a jet of gas coaxial to eject the molten material from the cut—resulting in a high-quality finish.

Ceramic Cutting

Our laser systems focus energy onto ceramic surfaces—cutting parts with precision and minimal kerf widths. Choose from full ablation or scribe-and-break techniques.

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PCB Depaneling

Ideal for PCB depaneling, our laser systems make clean, burr-free and precise cuts along the edges of circuits and other important components—all without damaging the substrate. Depending on your application, choose from our CO2 and UV laser systems.

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Plastic Cutting

Unlike other methods, laser cutting is a non-contact process, eliminating the need to replace blades and other parts. Our lasers can cut intricate patterns into plastic parts, cut long lines through plastic sheets—and everything in between.

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Thin Metal Cutting

Our custom laser systems make cuts with minimal kerf widths and heat-affected zones—making them ideal for thin metals. Depending on your requirements, choose from gas-assisted or galvanometer-steered cutting.

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Wire Stripping

Our laser wire stripping systems allow for removal or cutting of the outer insulation without damaging the inner conductor or metal shielding. They can also combine wire marking and cutting processes within the same footprint—extending your capabilities without adding floor space.

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Femtosecond Laser Cutting of Metal

Laser Cutting of Unfired Ceramic

Laser Cutting and Capping of Endoscopic Guide Wires

UV Laser PCB Depaneling System

CO2 Laser PCB Depaneling System

Aluminum PCB Depaneling

Laser Cutting of Alumina Ceramic Plates

Laser Wire Stripping Braided Fiber Glass Insulation

Laser Cutting Plastic Medical Test Tubes with Robot


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You can implement our laser cutting systems in batch manufacturing, as well as automated production lines.

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