Laser UID Code Marking

Laser UID Code Marking

Laser Code Marking Standards

According to areportby the U.S. Government Accountability Office, better inventory tracking could save the Department of Defense (DoD) millions of dollars—encouraging the DoD to adopt new UID code marking standards.

According to these requirements, symbols may use UCC.EAN, ANSI MH 10.8.2 or ATA style descriptors—indicating the manufacturer, part number and serial number. Vendors are required to supply parts with UID Data Matrix Symbols that conform to MIL-STD 130N Change 1.

Our UID code marking systems satisfy MIL STD 130N Change 1, as well as ATA Spec 2000, ISO/IEC 15415, SAE AS9132, Aerospace IAQG AS9132 and ISO 16022 standards—enabling you to identify marks on crystal, glass, pharmaceutical tablets, plastics, stainless steel and more.

Laser Advantages

Laser code marking offers many advantages compared to traditional ink-based systems. It lowers the overall cost per mark and increases throughput. It also avoids consumables and makes no mechanical contact with parts.

At CMS Laser, we meet or exceed all quality standards for laser UID code marking, etching and engraving. We design and build each laser system according to your specific requirements—which may include vision verification and validation, parts-handling workstations, automated systems and full network integration.

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