Laser Welding

Laser Welding

Weld plastic to plastic (including clear-to-clear), plastic to metal, and metal to metal using lasers

Due to its many advantages over traditional welding techniques, laser beam welding has become the method of choice for many different industries, including medical device manufacturing, automotive, aerospace—and more.

Plastic Welding

Our laser welding systems create extremely strong seals between plastics with similar thermal properties. Our systems can process many different types of plastic. They can even weld two pieces of transparent plastic with no additives or color changes.

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Metal Welding

Metal laser welding is a non-contact process that creates extremely strong—even hermetic—seals with no filler metals. Common methods include conduction, keyhole and spot welding. Our laser solutions range from low-volume, hand-loaded welding machines to fully automated on-the-fly systems that integrate with production lines.

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