Custom laser systems with robotic parts handling

Integrating robotics into industrial laser systems improves the precision and flexibility of your material handling efforts. This increases your efficiency, manpower loading, and overall throughput. The usage of robotics in the material handling industry continues to grow every year as companies seek to reduce manual handling of parts and processes.

There are several questions to be asked when analyzing whether robotics can be used in your work cell. These include:

  • Part dimensions and weight: Are there limitations to speed and accuracy depending upon your part design?
  • Fixturing of Parts: Can your parts be fixtured in a pallet or in an array? This aides in throughput for robotic pick up operations.
  • Cost Advantages: Will the robot integration help reduce your labor costs?
  • Throughput of the System: Is your system set-up for pass through operations where a robot can be used to automatically process parts based upon demand?
  • Marking or Processing Locations: Do you have multiple areas on the part to be marked or verified? Robots are useful when reorienting the part for a circumferential mark or bottom side marking.
  • Keeping it Simple: The use of a single robot in the operation provides many benefits where multiple mark or vision locations are required, vision verification, tight tolerance movements.

Our engineers have extensive experience combining laser systems and robots in a variety of ways. Examples include:

  • High-speed pick and place for parts loading and unloading
  • Laser marking systems with robotic parts handling
  • Dynamic part positioning under laser focus
  • Single- to multi-axis robotic systems
  • Vision-assisted material handling
  • Direct laser manipulation


Automated Laser Marking of Automotive Hardened Steel Parts

Laser Drilling Automation with Robotics and Vision

Laser Marking Metal with Robotic Part Handling

LED Lighting - Laser Marking Light Fixtures

Laser Marking System for Wafers using a Robot

Laser Cutting Plastic Medical Test Tubes with Robot


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Our custom laser machines integrate robots from some of the top robotics companies on the market. For a specific example of how CMS Laser has implemented robotics into a recent system, see our blog post onimplementing robotic automation with laser applications.