Customized software to fit your laser application

Before we became an innovative laser systems company, we were an automation and motion control software company. We were the first laser systems builder to offer real-time,On-the-Fly processing, and we still leverage this core technology to supply custom control solutions without consulting an external software vendor.



The Process Engine utilizes our LaserGraf Editor (LG5). This Windows-based graphic laser editor generates laser view files consisting of all components used by our systems. It also manages data processing and distribution while facilitating the flow of information, tasks and events.

The CMS Process Engine includes several HMI definitions. The Engine interface allows you to edit recipes. The Loader interface lets you embed task-specific automation—providing a simple interface dedicated to a specific process. The Robot interface is an “engine” for FANUC robot motion control. It provides a complete robot pendant HMI to the process engine for low-level robot integration and is fully compatible with the latest FANUC firmware for six-axis or SCARA models.

Other Features

In addition, an integrated set of RS232 or TCP/IP communication terminals enables remote control from external control systems, PCs or PLCs.

CE foreign language support translates the HMI Operator interface, as described in the manual, for international use. Current translations include English (default), Spanish, German and Turkish.

The Code architecture is designed to support additional custom software modules. Our software engineers are experienced in Custom Process Control Integrations that are compatible with existing software and hardware architectures.

At CMS Laser, we can customize any one of our laser systems to achieve your desired task.

Standard Integration Options

  • Digital IO— start, stop and select recipes; busy, ready, fault, etc.
  • FileIO— “Mark.dat” data file transfer and process monitoring via File IO.
  • Shared memory (deprecated)— a Windows DLL links to third-party applications running on the CMS HMI host OS. This option requires a great deal of testing.
  • SQL— our systems communicate to an SQL server through a “typical” stored procedure interface—allowing you to service and maintain data while providing us with the necessary structure to communicate with your data system.
  • Host mode— a direct TCP/IP command protocol.
  • OPC tag server (pre-release)— AB PLC tag communications.

Get Started

Our laser software can be modified to meet specific manufacturing requirements. Contact our engineers today to learn more about our software solutions.