Through The Optics Vision

Through The Optics Vision

Our engineers have decades of experience integrating camera vision systems into laser processing machines. These vision systems can be used for pre-processing, locating or orientating parts, and post-process validation. Depending on the application and laser/optics used, various vision techniques can be implemented.

One of the techniques for integrating camera vision into a laser system is calledThrough the Optics Vision (TTOV). This places the camera view on the same axis as the laser beam. The two optical systems share the focusing lens of the laser as well as the beam steering mirrors of the galvanometer.

Galvo Controlled Machine Vision

Through the Optics Vision (TTOV) allows the camera vision to be directed towards any position within the laser scanning field extremely quickly. Then, without requiring any other motion systems to index the part, the laser can be fired to process the part in milliseconds based on the data from the pre-process vision image capture and software analysis. Just as quickly after the laser is fired, the same camera can be used for post-process validation anywhere in the scan field.

This vision technique has a virtual field of view (FOV) that is as large as the laser scanning field, but with higher resolution than an off-axis camera with the same FOV. TTOV also simplifies mechanical automation within a machine as compared to other vision techniques and allows for increased production throughput.

Through The Optics Vision Benefits

  • High-speed optical character recognition (OCR) and optical character verification (OCV) processes
  • Reduction in axis movements, as compared to off-axis vision systems, to align camera then laser head for processing
  • Able to recognize part location and orientation to align laser application
  • Minimal delay between vision operation and laser activation
  • Consistent alignment of markings
  • Enables advanced automated manufacturing capabilities

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Laser Marking Semiconductors with TTOV

Plastic Degating System with TTOV

Laser Drilling Plastic Membranes with TTOV

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