Laser marking, drilling, welding and cutting of metals

We design and build turnkey laser machines for metal marking, welding, cutting and etching. No matter your needs, we’ll design and deliver a solution customized to your specific application. To learn more about how we can meet your metal processing requirements, contact our万博mantbex体育官网for free sample analysis.

Metal Marking

Laser marking is a versatile solution for making permanent marks on metal parts for traceability, identification or personalization. This non-contact, precise marking method offers many advantages over traditional mechanical marking techniques.

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Metal Welding

Lasers offer higher precision and better heat control compared to other welding methods due to the high-energy, focused nature of the beam. Accompanied by assist gases, laser welds have limited discoloration and require little to no post-processing. Metal laser welding typically utilizes high-power fiber lasers, which deliver the beam to the small laser output head—eliminating the need to excite crystals or gases. This feature lets us design flexible systems that can weld many different parts.

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Thin Metal Cutting

Lasers enable high-precision cutting while making no contact with thin metal parts. The localized laser energy with on-axis air assist achieves cuts with minimal kerf widths and heat-affected zones. Depending on your application requirements, you can use either gas-assisted or galvanometer-steered cutting.

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Metal Drilling

Laser drilling offers superior speed and lower operating costs compared to other drilling methods. Metal drilling is common in a variety of industries—from automotive to medical device manufacturing.

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