Pharmaceutical Laser Marking & Drilling Systems

Tablet Drilling & Marking Systems

for pharmaceutical time-release medications

System Overview

Laser Drilling & Marking Systems

Our tablet drilling systems are capable of drilling up to 140,000 tablets per hour with single or multi-hole drilling—orifice sizes from 0.2mm to 2.0mm. Drill holes needed for osmotic pump time-release medications in bi-layer, bi-color tablets and LCTs with 200% vision inspection. Systems can be configured for applying anti-counterfeit markings in the semipermeable coating, such as logos, pattern variations, or other identifiable markings during the drilling process at 70,000 per hour.

  • High-speed, on-the-fly drilling and marking of pharmaceutical tablets
  • Single or dual CO2 laser configuration for specific tablets and requirements
  • Dual camera system for 200% vision inspection of each tablet
  • True closed-loop feedback on-the-fly tracking of each tablet
  • Superior bowl feeder and transport design provides smoother transitions, reduced tablet breakage and increased yield.
  • Welded steel frame with FDA approved stainless steel contact surfaces
  • Integrated oscilloscope and remote diagnostics
  • Integrated ionizers for ESD control
  • Full support for IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation
  • CDRH Class I laser workstation with emergency stop push buttons
  • Ergonomic arm with monitor, keyboard, and mouse or touchscreen display
  • CMS LaserDrill software with Windows® 10 64-bit operating system
  • System meets all OSHA Safety Codes criteria and meets or exceeds GMP standards

Models Available

TD-140 Tablet Driller

up to 140,000 per hour

TD-70 Tablet Driller

up to 70,000 per hour

TD-10 Tablet Driller

up to 10,000 per hour

*Overall system design and size will vary based on customer requirements andapplications lab testingresults prior to purchase.


TD-140 Laser Drilling System for Pharmaceutical Tablets

TD-70 Laser Drilling System for Pharmaceutical Tablets

TD-10 Laser Drilling System for Round and LCTs


Pharmaceutical Laser Drilling & Marking Systems for Tablets


Laser Drilling & Marking System for Research & Development


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