Laser marking, welding, drilling and cutting of plastics

Whether you need to mark, weld, cut or drill your plastic parts—our lasers will get the job done.

At CMS Laser, we design industrial laser systems to process plastic applications. Contact our万博mantbex体育官网, and our engineers will design you a custom system. We’ll even tune the lasers and optics specifically for your requirements.

Plastic Marking

Laser marking systems employ a variety of techniques to leave high-quality, permanent marks on plastic parts. We design our marking systems with a range of laser wavelengths, depending on plastic type and color.

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Plastic Cutting

Laser cutting plastics doesn’t place direct mechanical stress on your parts. Thanks to this non-contact method, you don’t need to replace any blades—which is common for other cutting methods. Our lasers can cut intricate patterns into parts, cut long lines through plastic sheets—and everything in between.

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Plastic Degating

A type of laser cutting, degating involves separating individual molded plastic parts from the runner at the gate. This process is sensitive to stress and requires precise cut locations. Laser systems offer non-contact degating—placing minimal strain on parts and producing edges that don’t require any post-processing.

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FR4 Composites

Lasers can be used to cut through FR4 material in applications such as PCB depaneling. The non-contact process and precise location of cut paths allow for cutting between devices on populated boards with minimal HAZ and no effect to the electronics.

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Plastic Welding

Laser welding seals plastics that have similar melting properties. Lasers can even weld clear-on-clear plastics with no additives or color change.

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Plastic Drilling

Laser systems offer precise drilling of plastic parts. Thanks to the laser’s localized energy, you can finely tune the shape and placement of the holes to your specific requirements.

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